Congratulation on purchasing your Vodka Cocktail Lovers box from Violet & Gold! 

We have curated a few vodka cocktail recipes for you to enjoy. Don't hold back: create your own vodka cocktails, post your pics on socials and tag . Cheers!



Simplicity at its best! Wattle seeds have a unique flavour, with chocolaty and nutty tones. This cocktail is a twist from the Black Russian vodka cocktail, usually prepared with coffee. We replaced the coffee with our wattleseed mixer, it gives you a true taste of Australia.


Ingredients for 1 serve

45 ml vodka
15 ml V&G's Wattleseed mixer
Ice cubes


    • Pour the vodka and the mixer in a cocktail glass.
    • Stir.
    • Add ice cubes to you liking. Enjoy responsibly.


Blue bottle

A signature cocktail created by the talented home bartender Helen from @sheshedcocktails.
"Today I've made a delicious concoction using a bottlebrush honey vodka that I've paired with a an amazing passionfruit and native basil syrup from that has a delightful passionfruit flavour. "

Photo - credit Helen @sheshedcocktails

Ingredients for 1 serve

* 30ml Bottlebrush Honey Vodka @avoshvodka
* 20ml Blueberry Liqueur @castle_glen_vineyard_australia
* 15ml Limoncello (home-made)
* 15ml Lemon Juice
* 5ml Passionfruit And Native Basil Syrup
* Soda Water


  • Add the first five ingredients into a shaker
  • add ice and shake.
  • Strain into a glass and top with soda water.
  • Enjoy!