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Hi. Thank you for enquiring about Violet & Gold's range of Australian native mixers!

To taste the samples, we advise you to mix 1 part of the sample with 10 parts chilled water. The carbonation slightly changes the flavours, so taste with still water first, then with sparkling water if you wish to. 

Note that the wattleseed mixer can flavour your coffee - add a few drops - and the lemon myrtle & ginger mixer is perfect with hot water.

It might be in the mixology area that V&G's premium Australian native mixers deliver the best of their wonderful and unique flavours. More Australians turned to books, videos and online masterclasses to learn how to prepare and enjoy their home-made cocktails. And they now look for new flavours. The amateur mixologist and cocktail enthusiasts can now create their own cocktail using crafted spirits to mix with our handmade small batches Australian native mixers. Below are a few cocktail ideas. 

Enjoy your tasting session!

Cheers, Nathalie & Marie 

    Tasmanian Strawberry Daiquiri

    Daiquiri is a classic cocktail, simple to reproduce at home. We add our "'grain de sel" (sprinkle of salt), as the French would say. In this instance, we dazzle your taste buds with our Tasmanian pepper syrup.


    Ingredients for 1 serve

    50 ml white rum
    30 ml V&G's Tasmanian Pepper Syrup
    6 strawberries + 1 for garnish
    4 ice cubes


    • Fill a blender with all the ingredients.
    • Blend until smooth. Strain into cocktail glass.
    • Garnish with fresh strawberry slices. Enjoy with moderation.


    The Lemon myrtle Long Island

    The Long Island Iced tea cocktail has been around for years. We celebrate it with Lemon Myrtle, one of the oldest flavour on Earth, a tree that comes from the Queensland's rainforest. 


    Ingredients for 1 serve

    1/2 Lemon, in wedges
    1 tsp of sugar
    15 ml Vodka
    15 ml Light Rum
    15 ml Gin
    15 ml Tequila
    30 ml V&G's Lemon Myrtle Syrup
    15 ml Triple Sec
    Ice cubes
    30 ml cola


    • Fill a shaker with lemon wedges and sugar.
    • Muddle. Add alcohol, ice and shake.
    • Top up with cola. Drink responsibly.


    Le Monaco

    Le Monaco is the most consumed beer cocktail in France, particularly in the South. It is widely drank in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and...Monaco!
    In our Aussie version, we replace the grenadine syrup with our Strawberry & Tasmanian pepper syrup.
    For an alcohol-free version, double the lemonade and omit the beer.


    Ingredients for 1 serve

    12cl chilled lemonade
    12cl chilled beer
    3cl V&G's Strawberry & Tasmanian pepper syrup


    • Pour the syrup in a glass.
    • Pour the chilled lemonade, then the beer.
    • Drink chilled.


    The Australian Mule

     We revisit the Moscow Mule with amazing Aussie flavours. From happy hours to big party, you are going to love this refreshing cocktail!

    V&G's Australian mule cocktail with Lemon Myrtle & Ginger syrup

    Ingredients for 1 serve

    60 ml vodka
    15 ml fresh lime juice
    30 ml V&G's Lemon Myrtle and Ginger Syrup
    90ml sparkling water
    Lime wedges to garnish


    • Pour the vodka and lime juice in a stainless steel mug or a glass filled with ice cubes.
    • Add V&G's Lemon Myrtle and Ginger syrup to the water. Mix to the vodka.
    • Decorate with lime wedges


    ABSOLUTELY Australian

    Simplicity at its best! Wattle seeds have a unique flavour, with a chocolaty and nutty tones to it. This cocktail is a twist from the Black Russian cocktail that is made with coffee. We have replaced the coffee by the wattleseed syrup, that gives you a true taste of Australia.


    Ingredients for 1 serve

    45 ml vodka
    15 ml V&G's Wattleseed syrup
    Ice cubes


      • Pour the vodka, the syrup in a cocktail glass.
      • Stir.
      • Add ice cubes to you liking. Enjoy responsibly.