Recipes with pineapple & Tasmanian pepper syrup mixer

In addition to indulging our pineapple & Tasmanian pepper syrup mixer with chilled still or sparkling water, you may also use it in mocktails and cocktails!

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Gold Spice

A signature cocktail created by the talented home bartender Helen from @sheshedcocktails.
"I've made a delicious tiki style concoction using one of the amazing syrups from pineapple and Tasmanian pepper, it gave this drink just enough spice without being overwhelming."

Photo - credit Helen @sheshedcocktails

Ingredients for 1 serve

* 45ml Rum @havanaclub
* 15ml Coconut Rum @malibu_rum
* 15ml Lime Juice
* 10ml Pineapple And Tasmanian Pepper Syrup mixer
* 30ml Pink Cranberry Juice Low Sugar @oceansprayanz



  • Add all ingredients into a shaker along with ice and shake.
  • Dump into a glass
  • Garnish with fresh pineapple and mint
  • Enjoy!