Recipes with Lemon Myrtle Syrup Mixer

The Lemon Myrtle syrup is delicious in lemonade. Do you have a soda stream? Try it with sparkling water as well. 
Here are additional ideas - we add more as we test (and taste!) new gourmet recipes. Feel free to share your recipes with us on Instagram and Facebook


The V&G Hugo cocktail

Nothing sounds more like summer than a Hugo cocktail... well, in my opinion that is. Such a simple and elegant cocktail that can be poured in a matter of minutes.


* 30 ml V&G's lemon myrtle syrup mixer
* 70 ml dry sparkling white wine
* 20 ml sparkling water
* lots of ice cubes


  • Place your ice cubes in your coupe or wine glass
  • Add your V&G Lemon myrtle syrup mixer first
  • Then pour in your sparkling dry white wine and top up with sparkling water. For a littler cocktail, simply pour less wine and add more sparkling water.
  • Gently stir.
  • Add a slice of lime or a sprig of mint to garnish
  • Relax and sip away the afternoon!



Australian Margarita

Margarita... We twisted it with the Australian flavours of the lemon myrtle. For this recipe, you will need


* 30 ml V&G's lemon myrtle syrup mixer
* 30 ml lime juice
* 60 ml tequila
* lots of ice cubes
* salt to rim your glass


  • Juice your limes and keep the fruit to rim your glass.
  • Add a bit of salt in a saucer.
  • Holding your glass at a 45 degree angle, slightly rim the glass with salt - halfway if you can, to ensure you don't overload with salt. Reserve the glass in a freezer if you have space.
  • In a shaker, pour the lemon myrtle syrup mixer, the lime juice, the tequila and ice cubes. Close and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds.
  • Strain and pour the liquid in the shaker into your cool glass
  • Add a slice of lime and a sprig of mint to garnish
  • Enjoy!


French dressing with an Australian vibe

In France, there's (nearly) no salad without a "vinaigrette", a French dressing. That of my grandma was particularly tasty, she used to add a bit of sugar.
Inspired by my family recipe is this French dressing with an Australian vibe. 


1/2 teaspoon V&G's Lemon Myrtle syrup
1/2 teaspoon V&G's Tasmanian pepper syrup
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1/2 tablespoon Dijon mustard
3 tablespoon olive, macadamia or avocado oil
Salt to taste


  • Mix all ingredients in a jar. 
  • Taste and add salt to your taste.
  • Use over summer salads.

For a Asian-style salad, use V&G's Lemon Myrtle & Ginger syrup.


French Australian breakie

Crepes, a French delicacy, is often referred to as pancakes. They're much thinner than pancakes, so you can eat more! This twist highlights Australian native flavours. Impress your partner or guests with this easy yummy recipe!

French crepes with Violet & Gold's lemon myrtle and wattleseed syrups

Ingredients for 4 serves

300g white flour
50g sugar
4 eggs
600ml milk
Macadamia oil
V&G's Lemon myrtle or
V&G's Wattleseed syrup to serve.



  • Beat the eggs. Add flour, sugar, then gradually add the milk. Beat until the batter is smooth and runny. Let rest in the fridge for 2 hours, ideally overnight.
  • Smear a griddle or frying pan with butter or oil on high heat. Pour approx. 1/3 batter onto the griddle (slightly more or less according to the size of the pan). Tip and rotate the pan to spread the batter as thinly as possible. Brown the underside, then flip the crepe. Repeat with remaining batter.
  • Serve hot with a drizzle of Violet & Gold's Wattleseed or Lemon Myrtle syrup. Enjoy!


The Lemon myrtle Long Island

The Long Island Iced tea cocktail has been around for years. We celebrate it with Lemon Myrtle, one of the oldest flavour on Earth, a tree that comes from the Queensland's rainforest. 


Ingredients for 1 serve

1/2 Lemon, in wedges
1 tsp of sugar
15 ml Vodka
15 ml Light Rum
15 ml Gin
15 ml Tequila
30 ml V&G's Lemon Myrtle Syrup
15 ml Triple Sec
Ice cubes
30 ml cola


  • Fill a shaker with lemon wedges and sugar.
  • Muddle. Add alcohol, ice and shake.
  • Top up with cola. Drink responsibly.