Recipes with Davidson plum Syrup Mixer

Our Davidson plum syrup mixer works perfectly with a soda or sparkling water or just use it with your Sodastream© machine. 
Here are additional ideas - we add more as we test new gourmet recipes.

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The Davidson Plum Kir

For a sensational colour and wonderful flavours in your next sparkling cocktail.


* 5 ml V&G Davidson plum syrup mixer
* 100 ml chilled dry sparkling white wine (we used the Tasmanian chardonnay Pinot noir Distant South chilled at 8ºC)


  • Pour about 5ml Davidson plum syrup mixer in your champagne glass
  • Pour your dry sparkling white wine
  • Enjoy with moderation. 


Australian Sunrise

Margarita... We twisted it with the Australian flavours of the lemon myrtle. For this recipe, you will need


* 15ml V&G Davidson Plum syrup mixer

* Tequila (we used San Reno)

* Orange juice - freshly squeezed would taste best



  • Fill your refreshed highball glass with ice cubes.
  • Add your Tequila and orange juice. Make sure to respect the ratio of 1 part Tequila for 2 parts orange juice.
  • Stir well.
  • Pour your Davidson Plum syrup mixer
  • Enjoy!