Our values - beyond business

Violet & Gold acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, in particular the Aboriginal people of the Darug and Guringai Nations upon which land we live and work. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and to Elders past, present and emerging. We also acknowledge First Nation People are the founding source of knowledge upon which the native food industry is based.

Violet & Gold is about "demystifying" the flavours of Australian natives, so in every mixer we create, we feature an Australian native ingredient. We bring you distinct flavours, exclusive products, and a little taste of culture in each bottle. We take the oldest - and most delicious - flavours on Earth and patiently  and carefully macerate, infuse or decoct them to extract their savours and create a modern mixer that may be mixed with still and sparkling water, or in a cocktail. 

Sure, we are handcrafting delicious mixers and we want to share them with you. Our French background leads us towards food, gastronomy and the gift of cooking & sharing. And we refuse to compromise our core values.

At Violet & Gold, we believe in sustainable business practices. This starts with the decision to use 100% Australian grown ingredients to handcraft our small batches of syrups. We don't source our ginger from Niger or our strawberries from the US or from France. Why would we source our ingredients half a world away when some of the best and oldest flavours on earth grow right here, in our backyard?  By proudly sourcing 100% of our botanicals and ingredients in Australia, we keep our integrity and help create jobs here.

There is no Planet B! You hear it often enough to want to be a conscious consumer. Well, here you are! Feel good while treating yourself to something special and different.

Most of our packaging - from the bottles to the satchel in which you receive your bottle - is either:

  • recycled/reused - bubble wrap from fruit trays, and we truly hope you will reuse it yourself.
  • recyclable - we opt for glass bottles as they are recyclable AND reduce the amount of plastic being produced.
  • compostable - the satchels we ship small orders in are entirely compostable and are worm-farm friendly. Take off the label, then compost or feed your worms with the satchel.

Our conscious choices go much further than this... When we considered with whom we wanted to conduct our finance with, we opted for an institution that is also carbon-neutral, doesn’t lend to fossil fuel industry, gambling, arm industry or live animal export and is B-corp certified. We chose Bank Australia .

Our desire to be sustainable is strong and true. Our operations are the more sustainable we can. Of course, we recycle our packaging and we reuse in our tea and cooking the spent from our handcrafted syrups - or we compost it. We also partner with Carbon Positive Australia to offset the carbon emissions from our business trips.

Our initiatives towards an even more environmental friendly business (yes, there is always room for more), include a network of local backyard growers. This has been proven to contribute to diminish air pollution in large cities like Sydney, while supporting our local community with additional revenue. We would love to support indigenous Australians from the community. If you live in the Greater Sydney area and you grow natives in your backyard, we'd like to hear from you! Reach out to us here.

We have a big vision. We want to share our passion, our love for Australian native flavours with respect for the land, the planet and the community. Together, let's demystify the flavours of Australian natives!