Our Story

When France meets Australia... a sensory journey awaits you!

Nathalie and Marie, founders of Violet & Gold Australian native botanical syrupsFrench foodie Nathalie ran Twined, a Kokedama studio (a style of Japanese bonsai, transforming plants into a sculptural art form) for 2 years. She discovered the abundance and richness of Australian native plants... and their delicious taste! She started to grow some in her backyard and experimented in the kitchen.

While preparing a spice syrup - with Tasmanian Pepper berries, of course! -  to pre-cook quinces for a crumble, Nathalie took a stroll down memory lane. The smells, the colours, the taste reminded her of her grand-mother who used to make quince syrup when she was a child. This single sensory experience marks the beginning of a sweet adventure. When Nathalie suggested the idea of creating a range of syrup mixers, Marie immediately embraced the idea. Syrup is a childhood staple in France and it is handcrafted from fresh ingredients.

Nathalie and Marie succeed in integrating their French culture and their love for Australian native plants. Their range features Australian native botanicals and fresh, seasonal and locally sourced fruits. Lemon myrtle, Wattle seeds, Tasmanian pepper, banksia and wattle flowers are just a few of the beautiful native plants harvested by Aboriginal people for thousands of years. With that clear vision in mind - native flavours & fresh fruits - Violet & Gold was born.

Violet & Gold is an invitation for people to reconnect with and discover Australian plants. A focus on Australian native botanicals tied with traditional French recipes and influences leads way to a sensory journey sure to transport. Taste Australia!