Our mixers

We pride ourselves in our range of all-Australian mixers made to highlight the delicious taste of Australian native botanicals! We don't want to compromise on taste, so in addition to the Australian native plants, we use fresh fruits and vegetables to handcraft our premium mixers, also called premium cordials or premium syrups.

The Australian native botanicals, the fresh fruits and vegetables, the cane sugar and the water that make up our recipes are 100% Australian.

Our mixers - or premium cordials - are vegan, gluten and dairy free, made with the natural colours and the natural flavours from the main ingredient list.
No preservatives, No artificial colours, No artificial flavours. No fruit concentrate. No fruit essence.

Violet & Gold is 100% Australian (hand)made and owned.

Our small batches artisan mixers can be considered premium cordials, and many of our customers use them as mixers for their alcohol-free drinks and their cocktails. We use fresh fruit and veggies, and you can taste the difference!


Violet & Gold is an invitation for people to discover the taste of Australian plants. A focus on Australian native botanicals tied with traditional French recipes and influences leads way to a sensory journey sure to transport.

Let's join the journey with us!
Nathalie and Marie