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The founders


We are Nathalie Gits and Marie Liang, the founders of Violet & Gold, based on Sydney North Shore.

For us, it was the shared love of cooking that planted the seed for Violet & Gold. And quinces. Marie offered me a few quinces and to cook them, I made a syrup with spices and Tasmanian pepper berries. The result? Delicious, tasty, addictive...

It’s when the idea for Violet & Gold was born: using Australian botanicals, like lemon myrtle, strawberry gum and wattle seed, to create syrup mixers. Think of them as super-fancy cordials to use in sparkling water, cocktails and mocktails.

Our mission

Our vision is to bring Australian native botanicals within everyone’s reach.

Our mission is to promote the wonderful flavours of Australian botanicals with our range of modern and easy to use syrup mixers.

Join us on a tasty journey and discover the unique and exciting flavours of Australian natives!

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